Azalea blossoms in Changsha Ecological Garden

Updated:2017-04-19 14:40:41


  Recently, Changsha Ecological Garden is carpeted with azalea blossoms. There are nearly 10,000 azalea trees of 18 categories in the garden with hundreds of Mu, of which one third azalea trees are 100 years old, some even up to 200 years old.

粉色的“钝叶杜鹃”(Pink azalea blossoms)

金黄的“羊踯躅”(Yellow azalea blossoms)

火红如霞的“满山红”(Red Pink azalea blossoms)

  图片来源:红图汇摄友陈敏捷(Photo source: by Chen Minjie)