Changsha Historical and Cultural Exhibition to Open May 18

Updated:2017-05-12 15:02:51

A press conference on the opening of Changsha historical and cultural exhibition was held in Changsha on May 10, 2017. According to the conference, the exhibition is part of events arranged for the East Asian Cultural City, Changsha Celebrations. It will open to the public for free in Changsha Museum on May 18, the International Museum Day.

  The exhibition aims to let visitors learn about Changsha through cultural relics. It will become a new platform to showcase Changsha’s history and culture, and an innovative channel to promote “Changsha stories”. The exhibition is the first of its kind in Changsha to display its history and culture in a systematic way.

  More than 1,250 unearthed objects and 2,400 file photos will be on display in four exhibition halls which cover an area of more than 50,000 sqm. The exhibition will focus on major historical events, prominent historical figures, and urban evolution. And the exhibition will take those classic relics excavated or collected in the previous years as its carrier. It will fully demonstrate Changsha’s overall image as an ancient historic city with abundant and rich natural resources, whose citizens boast pioneering spirit.