Governor Xu Delivers Keynote Speech at Expo Central China 2017

Updated:2017-05-19 16:19:31

  The opening ceremony and keynote forum of the 10th Central China Expo kicked off at Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center, Anhui Province on May 17, 2017. Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang announced the opening of the Expo.

  Wang, accompanied by Hunan Governor Xu Dazhe, visited Hunan Pavilion before the opening ceremony. Governor Xu delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony.

  Under the theme of "New Concept of Innovative Development; New Opportunity brought by the Belt and Road Initiative”, the Expo will organize more than 30 activities such as summit forum; matchmaking business talks; exhibitions and displays; and, project negotiations. Over 4,200 guests and investors from 60 countries and regions participate in. Hunan will introduce 500 projects, worth 20,000 yuan, available for investment.

  Xu hoped that the six provinces in central China would strengthen cooperation in transformation and upgrading to enhance competitiveness. “We should give play to our advantages to ensure complementary development on the basis of our strong industrial strength,” said Xu. “Trans-provincial strategic cooperation, mergers and reorganization among large enterprises should be encouraged to foster a competitive industrial cluster,” added Xu. “We should focus on the leading role of innovation in national self-dependent innovation demonstration zone and high-tech industrial parks, to strengthen scientific cooperation between government, enterprises, higher teaching institutions and scientific research institution, and to build an innovation community in central China,” remarked Xu.

  Xu suggested the six provinces coordinate in environment treatment and establish a complete inter-provincial ecological environmental protection cooperation mechanism. He said, “we should work together to promote the treatment of main channel of Yangtze River and ecological protection and restoration along rivers, so as to achieve sustainable development.”

  Xu proposed that the six provinces should synergize in infrastructure to construct a regional transport network.