[Beautiful Hunan in Summer] Paiya Mountain, Jingzhou County

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Updated:2017-07-12 16:35:41

There are certain breathtaking places in Hunan Province having glittering water, morning breeze in the woods or exotic cultures which may cool off the heat of summer days. Therefore, Rednet submits a serial reports for the most worth seeing summer views in Hunan Province.

Paiya Mountain: A 10 million-acre virgin forest

Cool woods of metasequoia in Paiya Mountain in summer

People are riding bikes on the roads of Paiya Mountain.

Paiya Mountain (ɽ), a state-owned forest,was upgraded as a national forest park by the end of 2015. It still retains its most simple scenery as a 10 million-acre virgin forest, with pear tree flowers in spring and cool woods of metasequoia in summer.

Address: Jingzhou Miao and Dong autonomous County in Huaihua, Hunan Province

What to do?: Camping or Bike-riding

How to get there: Changsha Changsha-Shaoshan-Loudi Expressway ErenhotCGuangzhou Expresswa Shanghai-Kunming Expressway Baotou-Maoming expressway Jingzhou Ring Road S222 Road. The total trip will cost 5.5 hours by automobile driving starting from Changsha; 2 hours starting from Huaihua South High-speed Rail Station; 1.5 hours starting from Guizhou Liping Airport; 18 minutes starting from Jingzhou County.

More places to go nearby:

In addition to Paiya Mountain, you may also go to Disun Miao Village (կ) and Yanjiao Dong Village(ҽŶկ)a few days for experiencing Miaos and Dongs culture specially their drink oil tea and Miao folk songs.

Oil tea

Disun Miao Village (կ), located within Sanqiu Township (), southwest of Huaihua City, Hunan Province is a birthplace of Geteng (), the first intangible cultural heritage with ethnic minority features.

Disun Miao Village

Yanjiao Dong Village (ҽŶկ), the 4A national scenic area, is located in Zhaiya Township, Jinzhou County, southwest Hunan Province. There are 1,420 Dong people in the village. With over 1,200 years history, Yanjiao Dong Village is praised as "Girls Country along Silk Road" hidden in mountainous of West Hunan Province.

Yanjiao Dong Village