Yuan Longping delivering an English speech becomes a hot search online

Updated:2017-07-13 10:02:59


  On July 11 at the 10th Symposium for Overseas High-level Talents and Overseas Academician Qingdao Yanxi Lake Forum, 87-aged Yuan Longping from Hunan province, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and American Academy of Science, delivered an English speech on super hybrid rice fluently for 20 minutes.


  Up to 12:00 am on July 12, his such English speech video had been accumulatively viewed for more than 100 million times and his delivering the English speech at such high age had received a hot search on Weibo for about 200,000 times.


  Yuan Longping mentioned in the speech as below:


  It is expected that 60% more rice should be produced in 2030 than that in 1995. Currently, 1 ha. for rice production provides food for 27 people. By 2050, 1 ha. will have to support 43 people.


  If 50% of the conventional rice is replaced by hybrid rice, and estimating on a 2 t/ha yield advantage of hybrid rice, it is estimated that the total rice production in the world will be increased by another 150 million tons, which can feed 400 million more people each year.

  Original link: 87岁袁隆平飚英语上热搜 千万网友致敬“中国脊梁”