[Beautiful Hunan: Scenery in Summer]Shiwangutian Mountain plain

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Updated:2017-07-18 16:40:11

城步十万古田中,存活了千年的巨型苔藓群。城步县宣传部 供图 Shiwangutian Mountain plain, located in Chengbu ancient town, has alive giant moss for thousands of years.

这是一个由荒原主宰的世界,但近年人类的活动已经给苔藓留下了伤痕。This is a world dominated by the wilderness, but in recent years the activities of mankind have left scars on the moss.


  Shiwangutian Mountain plain, located in the mountains of the southwest of Hunan near Nanshan plain, has abundant original plants such as giant moss of thousand years.In the Ming Dynasty, the ancestors of Yao minority groups were farming and living there.


  Shiwangutian in Chinese means 100-thousand-mu of ancient field, which consists of upper mountains, middle mountains,lower mountains and Dapingjiang plain.The total area of it is nearly 100,000 mu, with an average elevation of 1650 meters. With various characteristics one may take a day to visit each part of it.


  Where is it: Chengbu Miao Autonomous County,Shaoyang City


  What to do: enjoying the view of ancient alpine and wetland


  Tips:十万古田内国家重点保护动植物繁多,植被极为脆弱,请千万保护环境,不要采挖珍稀植物,不要坐卧苔藓。The key to protect animals and plants of Shiwangutian is to not dig rare plants nor sit on moss.


  No vehicles,electricity and cell phone signals are served there. Tourists should bring their own food. If you need to book accommodation, contact Mr. Yi two or three days in advance ( Tel: 18975972881). The terrain is extremely complex, so that tourists should be aware of falling into the swamp or getting lost. Please bring your climbing stick, and keep up with your guide.


  How to get there: It takes approximately 5.5 hours by car from Changsha city and about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Chengbu County. Changsha City → Changsha-Zhangjiajie Expressway → Xuguang Expressway → Shanghai-Kunming Expressway → Dongxin Expressway → S219 Road → X090 Road→ Chengbu ancient town


  Sight seeing spots nearby: Nanshan National Park