Semi-finals Second Round Held

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Updated:2017-07-19 11:49:54

A group photo of the American Group winners and the hostess

A group photo of the Asian Group winners and the hostess

The American Group winners

The Asian Group winners

  The second round of the semi-finals for the 16th "Chinese Bridge" Foreign College Student Chinese Proficiency Competition was held on July 19, 2017.

  Finally, six contestants from the American Group and seven from the Asian Group advanced to the finals.

  They are:

  JOSE ANTONIO (Chinese name: Gong Hao) from the USA,

  MARIA ANTONIETA MARLENE (Chinese name: Lin Na) from Mexico,

  ALICIA ADRIANA (Chinese name: Ai Lisi) from Peru,

  DANIEL PATRICK (Chinese name: Mu Chenpeng) from the USA,

  ANDREW LOCKE (Chinese name: Mi Kai) from the USA,

  DANIEL EDMUND ISAAC (Chinese name: Meng Sikai) from Canada,

  MUSAB FAWWAZ SALEM (Chinese name: Mu Sha) from Jordan,

  KOMGRIT (Chinese name: Lin Zhiming) from Thailand,

  STEVANUS (Chinese name: Liu Tiangui) from Indonesia,

  ZOBAIDA TAHSIN (Chinese name: Wang Yamei) from Bangladesh,

  PHYU (Chinese source: Yin Bangrui) from Burma,

  BIN MUHAMAD SHAHMEER (Chinese name: Sha Mier) from Malaysia, and,

  YUYKIET (Chinese name: Chen Ruijie) from Cambodia.

  The American Group winners will pay a study visit to Shenzhen, and the Asian Group winners to Changsha.

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