2017 Hong Kong and Macao Youth Study Tour Program Launched

Updated:2017-07-27 15:16:44

  The 2017 Hong Kong and Macao Youth Study Tour Promotion and the Mainland China Study Tour Union Conference were held in Changsha on July 25. The activities were instructed by the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), organized by the Hunan Provincial Tourism Development Committee, and undertaken by the Asia Tourism Exchange Center and the Changsha Municipal Tourism Bureau. CNTA Director Li Jinzao gave a written speech.

  The Mainland China Study Tour Union was established by the CNTA in 2015. Hunan joined it in July 2016. More than 300 representatives of CNTA, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, Ministry of Education, Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, liaison offices of the Central People's Government in Hong Kong S.A.R. and Macau S.A.R., Asia Tourism Exchange Center, 15 Mainland China Study Tour Union members, 24 study tour bases, Hong Kong and Macao study tour organizations, middle and primary school teachers and students attended.

  Related activities include a theme conference, a study tour photography exhibition, a Chinese study tour products promotion, watching a large real-scene performance “On the Liuyang River”, and field study tours. Among them, Changsha City introduced six special travel routes themed on “Study Tours in Happy Changsha”. They are: city landscape tour of mountains and waters; ‘red’ revolutionary tour of great men’s hometowns; Huxiang cultural tour; parent-child tour in beautiful rural villages; happy Changsha sightseeing tour; and, industrial tour on R &D science popularization. The Hong Kong and Macao youths will visit Hunan First Normal University original site, Yuelu Academy, Tongguan Kiln of Changsha National Archaeological Park, Yueyang Tower, Shaoshan, and Changsha National Economic &Technical Development Zone, to experience the colorful and multiple culture in Hunan, enrich knowledge, cultivate humanistic quality, and enhance patriotic feelings.

  The Top 10 most popular museums, theme activities, tourist attractions among Hong Kong and Macao youths, and the first batch of Hong Kong and Macao youth study tour bases were announced at the conference. Hunan Provincial Museum and Zhangjiajie Scenic Area were included in the Top 10 museums and tourist attractions lists respectively. Yueyang Tower-Junshan Island scenic area, Zeng Guofan’s hometown, and Changsha National Economic &Technical Development Zone are among the first batch of bases.

  Chinese source: hunan.gov.cn