[Beautiful Hunan in Summer] Suyuyuan: lotus blossoms

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2017-08-01 15:34:38


  Summer is the season of lotus blossoms. Suyuyuan (苏圫垸) may be the only place in Changsha having a great view of lotus blossoms.

  Many people do not know that Changsha City has such a scene of lotus blossoms. Suyuyuan has the beautiful view of wetland and blooming lotus as well as ancient Chinese paintings. The lotus embankment covers a total of 5000 acres; the lotus starts blooming from July to September.


  The lotus’ importance comes from Buddhism and is one of the eight precious things in Buddhism. Lotus is known as the gentleman’s flower because it grows out from the mud, pure and unstained.


  Where is it: Laodaohe District of Kaifu Area, Changsha City