[Hunan People] Mr. Huang's self-driving to the AfroEurasian world alone

Updated:2017-08-07 14:58:40


  Since March 2017, Mr. Huang Xiaogang from Changsha, Hunan, China, has been driving his car alone to travel the AfroEurasian world. So far, he has travelled 44 countries and regions, and covered more than 50,000 kilometers. Now, his trace is located in Namibia, according to his Weibo ID:路过黄先生.

  Some Pictures from his Weibo ID:路过黄先生:

On August 5, Bushman in Namibia, aborigines living by hunting and collecting food.

On May 15, the Sahara Desert.


On May 4, Norway.

On April 30, Vienna image.

On April 23, Morocco panorama.

On April 18, Florence, Italy.

On April 17, Eiffel Tower, France.

On April 13, Neist Point Lighthouse in the UK’s northernmost.

On March 25, icebreaking in Arctic Circle.

One of news reports about Mr. Huang's global travel.

  For more photos, please access to Weibo ID:路过黄先生   http://weibo.com/6150826875/photos#