China-innovated Unmanned Retail Store Opens in Changsha

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2017-08-15 15:44:48

  An unmanned retail store developed by the Hunan-based FREEGO Company, opens in Changsha on August 11, 2017.

  The new store provides 360 degree omnidirectional monitoring with the help of internet, big data, Internet of Things, microwave detection, image identification, and artificial intelligence. It is connected to a mobile app that customers will use to scan and purchase items. It has an automatic replenishment system and smart management. Its self-built logistics system helps reduce logistics cost and delivery time.

  It is believed that the store as a new retail mode will improve efficiency and cut costs in retail industry. It will ease customers¨ shopping experience and is expected to change their consumption habits. It will be an impact on traditional convenience stores.