Jingzhou Poria Cocos Planted in Africa

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2017-08-15 15:48:09

  African workers load up a truck with Poria cocos. (Photo/He Lei)

  Jingzhou Poria cocos mycelia have been widely planted in two African countries since successfully planted in Madagascar in 2015. This year the annual estimated yield will exceed 10,000 tons.

  Thanks to the African high temperatures, Poria cocos usually harvest in 9 months, 3 months shorter than the normal growing period in Hunan.

  Recently, the CPC Jingzhou County Committee and the Jingzhou County Government have placed high importance on Poria cocos industry. They prioritize the construction of China Poria cocos sci-tech industrial park, strain breeding R&D center, international Poria cocos pricing center, and three bases for Poria cocos initial processing; export; and, biomedical and foodstuff R&D. The county has intensified efforts to develop strain technology and new products, cultivate leading enterprises, and train talents.

  Now Jingzhou has become China¨s largest Poria cocos distribution, processing, and export center. It is equipped with the most complete industrial chain in this regard for strain supply and technique promotion.