Hunan SNTO Enterprise Fosters Saudi Arabian Construction Industry Upgrading

Updated:2017-08-24 17:10:55

8月22日,湖南晟通科技集团有限公司与沙特阿拉伯 Emaar 公司举行战略合作签约仪式。

On August 22, 2017, Hunan Suntown Technology Group Cooperation Limited of China signed a strategic cooperation contract with Emaar Properties from Saudi Arabia.


  On August 22, 2017, Hunan Suntown Technology Group Cooperation Limited of China (hereinafter referred as SNTO) signed a ten-year strategic cooperation contract with Emaar Properties from Saudi Arabia to fully promote the transformation and upgrading of construction industry in Saudi Arabia. This indicates Chinese aluminum formwork substantially entering into the Mideast market.


  ” The signing of this ten-year strategic cooperation contract between us expects to build more than 5000 residential buildings within 5 years in Saudi Arabia to improve living condition of our citizens and to increase their happiness through our powerful alliance and win-win cooperation.” said by Mr. Musaeed, President of Emaar Properties on the contract signing ceremony.


  For the past few years, the Saudi Arabia government has vigorously promoted infrastructure construction such as urban housing project to improve the living condition of citizens. However, traditional wooden formwork cannot satisfy their dreams for poor quality and low efficiency, and the abusive use of wooden materials has led to heavy deforestation, quantities of construction wastes and severe damage of environment.


  SNTO’s aluminum formwork just perfectly fill gaps of such construction needs in Saudi Arabia, which can widely used in reinforced concrete buildings. Compared with traditional wooden formwork, aluminum formwork has advantages such as short operation time, high strength, high-rate reuse and good quality. No doubt that, aluminum formwork is the first choice for construction needs.


  “Our aluminum formwork adopts aviation materials with high strength, modular design and standard production. It can be easily removed after concrete pouring and forming. The whole set of formwork can complete the construction of concrete structure at one time such as wall, pillar, beam, panel, balcony, bay window and decoration lines of outer walls.” said by Mr. Yin Xiaoli, Manager Director of Hunan HKS Construction Technology Company Limited of SNTO.


  As China Top 500 enterprises and China Top 5 enterprise in aluminum industry, SNTO now occupies the largest scale of intelligent aluminum formwork manufacturing base in China. The aluminum formwork of SNTO has been widely used in more than 30 Chinese cities and regions, and has achieved successful cooperation with customers in Singapore and Bangladesh.


  It is said that this is not the first time for SNTO to enter into the Saudi Arabian Market. Back to 2014, SNTO successfully signed the strategic cooperation contract with Saudi Aramco for its super quality and fine process. The first 30 sets of light-weight aluminum oil tankers are now operating in good conditions within Saudi Arabia, highly praised by Saudi Aramco and well-received on the local market. This proves that light-weight SNTO products have moved steadily in the Mideast market.


  “Based on previous and present strategic cooperation with enterprises in Saudi Arabia, we are now planning to invest and set up manufacturing sites in Saudi Arabia to promote our products such as aluminum formwork, light weight oil tanker, aluminum foil for packaging, as well as extrusion profile, so as to broaden our overseas market.” said by representatives of SNTO after the signing ceremony.

  Author of this report: Maggie Chen (陈美淇), a news journalist of