Hunan Provincial Museum to Reopen in October

Updated:2017-08-25 15:47:18

On August 23, the Hunan Provincial Museum renovation and expansion project enters the decoration and road greening stage. (Photo/Xu Xing)

  The renovation work of Hunan Provincial Museum is in full swing. The museum announced on August 23 that it would open to the public in October. Two exhibitions of "Mawangdui Tombs" and "Hunanese—History and Culture" are planned to showcase the distinctive Hunan history and culture. A 3,000-year-old Chinese bronze, called min fanglei, will be displayed. The ancient wine vessel is considered the "king" of its kind, because it’s the biggest and finest ever excavated in China. It returned to its birthplace—Hunan ad reunited with the lid in 2014.