Medical Partnerships Established to Promote Mobile Health

Updated:2017-08-30 16:05:26

  The Central South University (CSU) Third Xiangya Hospital Medical Partnerships was established on August 27, 2017. Wu Song, Orthopedics Department Director of the Hospital, praised, “The new Xiangya mobile health (mHealth) platform or doctor-sharing service facilitates consultations, ward rounds, and case conferences within the newly established medical partnerships via mobile devices.”

  The medical institutions partnerships services are supported by mobile devices. The CSU Third Xiangya Hospital has been developing the mHealth platform since 2016. The platform is access to more than 500 doctors from 53 medical departments, and makes connection with more than 100 hospitals and community health service centers in Guangxi, Guizhou, Tibet, Xinjiang, and Anhui.

  “The mHealth platform has three advantages over the traditional telemedicine technology. Firstly, it is free from time and space restrictions. Secondly, it is simple and effective with doctor as its initiator and service provider. Thirdly, it will not affect doctor’s daily work.” Prof. Wu Song introduced. Patients with severe or complicated illness in the medical partnerships could use mobile phones to seek medical advice from experts. The medical partnerships makes quality medical care more accessible to the wider public, especially in grassroots areas.