County makes great strides in developing into intl destination

Source:China Daily
Updated:2017-09-04 10:06:34

  Fenghuang county, situated in the west of Hunan province, will spare no efforts in developing into an international tourism destination.

  The county has set itself an ambitious goal of hosting over 6 million domestic and foreign tourists by the end of 2020. Total annual income from tourism is set to hit 20 billion yuan ($3.03 billion) in 2020, up from 11.6 billion yuan in 2016, according to the county's latest development plan.

  Fenghuang has made great strides in promoting the protection of its ancient town and the traditional culture it has inherited. It has also made signifi cant progress in enhancing the content and quality of its tourism services, as well as alleviating poverty through tourism.

  Compared with many other ancient towns across China, Fenghuang stands out because of the combination of its many unique elements - a long history of civilization, natural beauty and centuries-old architecture.

  There is also the draw of local folk customs and the fact that it is home to a number of famous people in modern times, for instance the writer Shen Congwen.

  The city is an ideal place for people to learn more about traditional Miao ethnic culture. It has five national-level cultural heritage protection sites and 15 provincial-level cultural heritage protections sites.

  There are also 116 ancient heritage sites and 12 renowned cultural villages in the county.

  The county is applying for designation as a national 5A-level tourism zone, the top rank in China's tourism sector.

  Fenghuang has made efforts to improve the overall conditions for its tourism industry. More tourism projects and products have been launched for visitors to learn more about the county.

  The local government will also put in place more convenient transportation, more new tourist service centers, new and upgraded toilets, a standardized road sign system, and a smart tourism system, to guarantee a pleasant trip for visitors.

  Branding and management system upgrades are also key tasks for the local tourism authority.

  Fenghuang is now home to three 4A-level tourism sites, including the Fenghuang Ancient Town.

  Fenghuang, known for its rich culture resources, was listed as one of the national historical and cultural cities in 2001.

  The local government has been working hard to promote local ethnic culture. Many festival activities and exhibitions have been organized to promote ethnic culture and to protect intangible cultural heritage items.

  One of the biggest days for the Miao ethnic group is the eighth day of the fourth lunar month, known as the Yanu Festival.

  On that day, not only local residents, but also many Miao people from nearby provinces will gather in Fenghuang to sing and dance.