Hunan Gets First Loan from New Development Bank

Updated:2017-09-06 15:40:08

  On September 3, the signing ceremony of loan projects financed by the New Development Bank (NDB) was held in Xiamen. Hunan and NDB signed an agreement on the ecological development project in the green heart center of the Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster. This is Hunan’s first project got a loan from the bank.

  NDB also signed projects with Fujian and Jiangxi provinces.

  Hunan’s 2-billion-loan project consists of four subprojects, including the comprehensive treatment of Changsha Guitang River “Tiaoma Town Section”, the comprehensive treatment and infrastructure construction of Zhuzhou Longmu River upper reaches, the comprehensive treatment on Small Watershed in Xiangtan Zhaoshan Demonstration Area and Auxiliary Works, and the ecological treatment of Xiangtan Hongqi canal. These projects aim to improve the water quality of Xiangjiang River Chang-Zhu-Tan section.

  The project passed the NDB’s assessment early this May. The Ministry of Finance of PRC and NDB discussed how to address the project technique challenges in Shanghai this August. At the end of August, the project was approved by NDB board of directors.