Guizhou club gives Chinese opera fans a platform to perform

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2017-09-11 10:10:24

Guizhou club gives Chinese opera fans a platform to perform

  The Friday Drama Club hosts activities for Peking Opera fans of all ages in Guiyang, Guizhou province. [Photo by YANG JUN/CHINA DAILY]

  A club in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, provides the public with a stage to perform Chinese opera and display the essence of the country's culture.

  The Friday Drama Club has hosted a variety of activities for opera fans since it was founded in 2014.

  In July, it held a Peking Opera concert, attracting more than 170 amateur performers from across China.

  "I didn't sing well. I drank little water before my performance," says Hu Heying, an amateur Peking Opera performer from Wuhan, Hubei province.

  Hu has followed Peking Opera singing for the past 20 years. So, she immediately went to Guiyang when she heard about the concert.

  Initially, she couldn't sign up because there were too many participants. But Hu stayed in Guiyang for a few days to see if she still could perform in public.

  "Fortunately, I finally got the chance," says the 63-year-old.

  "The stage in Guiyang is larger than the one I saw in Wuhan. I was nervous in front of such a big crowd.

  "This activity is particularly close to the people. It lets people who love Peking Opera go on the stage and improve their skills."

  Wang Ying, another amateur performer, is a Guizhou native. The 49-year-old, who has studied Peking Opera since age 16, has participated in dozens of activities hosted by the Friday Drama Club.

  "Although I am not a professional performer, I have been privately practicing singing for Peking Opera for a long time," says Wang.