Changsha develops robotic industry at full strength

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2017-09-11 14:49:06

  Changsha's Yuhua Economic Development Zone is developing its robotic industry and smart manufacturing at a galloping pace with its output value expected to reach 50 billion yuan ($7.7 billion) within three years, Changsha Evening News reported.

  Launched in 2003, Changsha Yuhua Economic Development Zone is the only industrial cluster for the robotic industry in Central China's Hunan province, and its production of robots and smart manufacturing industry is estimated to reach 20 billion yuan by the end of this year.

  Robots play a key role in the Chinese government's national strategic manufacturing plan Made in China 2025, and the goal of Changsha in being a national hub for smart manufacturing, innovation and creativity and transportation.

  "Previously, we had to import the core robot parts and components from Germany with a single part costing between 20,000 and 30,000 yuan. But now we develop them by ourselves at a cost of only 10,000 yuan," said a product manager at the Chizon Robots' production plant.

  Various robots can be seen in Chizon's plant with most of the used core software and hardware independently developed.

  A technician is debugging an intelligent machine at a plant of Hunan Chuangyan Intelligent Equipment Co, based in Changsha Yuhua Economic Zone. [Photo by Wang Bin/]

  "All of Chizon's products are produced by our own research and development team. By using domestically developed products, it saves two thirds of the cost for enterprises in the industrial chain," said Yuan Zhiyong, general manager of the robot company.

  Chizon is stepping up strategic transformation and managed to expand its products to some major enterprises, such as Shanghai Volkswagen, Saic Motor, and GAC Fiat, in addition to getting orders from overseas countries.

  The economic development zone has made preferential policies in aspects of scientific and technological innovation, investment and financing, and market development for enterprises settling down in the zone.

  "Presently, Changsha Yuhua Economic Development Zone has introduced 600 enterprises in various fields, with a total investment of 40 billion yuan," introduced Yu Zhong, director of the Changsha Yuhua Economic Development Zone investment promotion bureau.

  With a rapid growth of two years, the region is home to a total of 150 firms covering the entire industrial chain, including research and development, system integration, and robot applications, which lays a sound basis for future development.

An industrial robot is working for Gree's factory in Changsha. [Photo/]

  Yuhua district also boasts comfortable living environment and convenient location with the high-speed railway station connecting the district to the outside.

  Shenzhen-based Adtech Technology and Han's Laser has signed contracts to enter the zone. Other institutes and research groups also showed intent to set up R&D platforms in the area.

  To further boost the development of the smart manufacturing industry, Yuhua Economic Development Zone is doubling its efforts to expand its talent pool in this field.

  Source: Changsha Evening News