Shimen-Changsha Railway Opens for EMU Trains

Updated:2017-09-21 15:56:20

  The Shimen-Changsha Railway opened for Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) trains on Sept. 20, 2017.

  The Guangzhou Railway (Group) Corporation on Sept. 20 announced that, from that afternoon on, passengers can buy tickets for the line via the official ticket-selling website (, railway station ticket windows, and train ticket sales offices.

  According to the latest train schedule, the Shimen-Changsha Railway operates eight pairs of EMU trains every day. The earliest train D7562 starts from Changsha at 6:40, and arrives in Changde at 8:43, and then Shimen (North) at 9:34. The latest, D7566, starts from Changsha at 19:30, and arrives in Shimen (North) at 22:33.

  Thanks to its operation, the travel time from Changsha to Ningxiang would be shortened to only 35 minutes; from Changsha to Yiyang, 53 minute; and, from Changsha to Changde, one hour and 53 minutes.

  The first-class ticket is not available now. The second-class ticket fare is 53 yuan from Changsha to Changde; 74 yuan from Changsha to Shimen (North); 26 yuan from Changsha to Yiyang; and, 15 yuan from Changsha to Ningxiang.