Hunan Industry, Information Technology, and National Defense Achievements Released

Updated:2017-09-21 16:04:58

  The fourth Hunan Provincial press conference in celebration of the upcoming 19th CPC National Congress was held in Changsha on Sept. 19, 2017. Hunan Economic and Information Technology Commission Party Leadership Group Secretary and Director Xie Chaoying announced Hunan’s achievements in industry; information technology; and science, technology, and industry for national defense since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2013.

  Hunan has implemented decisions and plans made by the central and provincial governments and the CPC provincial committee. Based on the innovation-driven opening up development strategy, it has focused on transformation and upgrading. Great efforts have been made in developing emerging industrial chains to accelerate the building of a manufacturing power.

  The provincial total industrial added value and the large industrial enterprises business income have increased from 808 billion yuan and 2.54 trillion yuan in 2011 to 1.12 trillion yuan and 3.77 trillion yuan in 2016 respectively. Hunan has eleven industries each with over 100 billion output value. The equipment manufacturing industry became Hunan’s first sector with more than one trillion main business incomes in 2015. Last year, it achieved a main business income of 1.18 trillion yuan. Besides, the advanced rail transit equipment and the engineering machinery have also become brilliant “Made in China” brands.