[City of Hunan] Changsha New Style: Hunan Xiangjiang New Area

Updated:2017-09-25 11:24:24


  Hunan Xiangjiang New Area, used to be Changsha Hexi Leading District founded in June 2008, has become China’s 12thand Central China’s 1stnational-level new area since official approval by the State Council, April 8, 2015.


  In 2016, Hunan Xiangjiang New Area achieved the regional GDP of 180,112 million Yuan with the year-on-year growth of 11%, respectively 3.1% and 1.6% higher than the average level of Hunan province and Changsha city.


  Hunan Xiangjiang New Area, located in the west of the Xiangjiang River, Changsha city, covers Yuelu district, high-tech district, 8 towns of Wangcheng district and 5 towns of Ningxiang county-level city. With an area of about 1,200 square kilometers, Hunan Xiangjiang New Area has three national-level industrial parks (namely, Changsha High and New Tech Development Zone, Ningxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone), as well as two provincial-level industrial parks (namely, Ningxiang High and New Tech Development Zone, Yuelu Science and Technology Industrial Park).


  Hunan Xiangjiang New Area has been substantially promoting the construction of Meixi Lake International New Town, Binjiang Business New Town, Dawangshan Resort Area, Yuelu Mountain College Town, Weidong New Town, etc.

  Official Website of Hunan Xiangjiang New Area: http://www.hnxjxq.gov.cn/