“Most Families Simultaneously Chopping Yellow Peppers” Guinness World Record Made in Hengdong County

Updated:2017-09-25 14:25:55

The Fourth Hengdong Local Dishes Tourism Festival kicks off in Hengyang City on Sept. 20, 2017. The "Most Families Simultaneously Chopping Yellow Peppers" Guinness World Record Challenge is held after the opening ceremony. (Photo/Peng Bin)

One hundred and twelve families, each with three members, from all walks of life in Hengdong County participate in the activity. The oldest participant is 65 years old and the youngest 6. (Photo/Chen Xinxing)

It takes them half an hour to make 112 jars of Sanzhang chopped yellow peppers, which are made of 280 kg yellow peppers, 280 kg rice wine, and 56 kg table salt. (Photo/Peng Bin)

Site scenes (Photo/Peng Bin)

The chopped yellow pepper is not only a delicious appetizer and local seasoning, but also a folk cooking with distinctive Hengdong characteristics. The fresh yellow peppers are chopped, mixed with salt and rice wine, and preserved in a jar for a period of time before tasting. (Photo/Zhang Zhe)

A Shanghai China Records Headquarters official affirms the challenge and conferrs the certificate to the event organizer. (Photo/Zhang Zhe)