Eighth Hunan Expo to Be Held in Loudi

Updated:2017-09-25 14:29:30

  The Eighth Hunan Agricultural Machinery, Mining Machinery, and Electronic Ceramics Expo (Hunan Expo) will be held in Loudi between September 27 and 29, 2017. The Loudi government will earmark a special fund of 7 million yuan to subsidize agricultural machinery purchases, so as to increase the use of agricultural machinery and promote farm modernization.

  The expo integrates investment cooperation, trade, project matchmaking, negotiation, forum, and exhibition. Building on the previous sessions, it will provide greater subsidy to agricultural machinery purchasers.

  Those who purchase products that are listed in the catalogue of provincial subsidized agricultural machinery products during the expo will enjoy subsidies granted by both central and provincial governments. The provincial subsidy will be 20% of the central subsidy. The total subsidy should not exceed 7 billion yuan.

  Those who purchase subsidized agricultural machinery produced by Loudi City and Loudi purchasers will have an additional subsidy—30% of the central grants.

  Those who purchase agricultural machinery produced by Shuangfeng County and Shuangfeng buyers will enjoy an extra subsidy—40% of the central grants.