Hunan, Mogilev Region Deepen Partnership

Updated:2017-10-09 15:19:09

  Belarus Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Chairman Vladimir Domanevskiy led a delegation to start his four-day visit to Hunan on 28 September, 2017. CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Secretary and Hunan Provincial Congress Standing Committee Director Du Jiahao met with the guests on 29 September. CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Deputy Secretary and Hunan Governor Xu Dazhe addressed the Belarus-China (Hunan) Economic and Trade Promotion Conference.

  The Hunan Government donated fabricated villas to Mogilev Region. The delegation attended the delivery ceremony, and the Belarus-China (Hunan) Economic and Trade Promotion Conference; and then toured around Changsha, Zhuzhou, and Xiangtan. Economy Minister of the Republic of Belarus Vladimir Zinovskiy, and Belarusian ambassador to China Kiryl Rudy, accompanied the delegation on their tour. Other presenting Hunan provincial leaders included Chen Xiangqun, Xie Jianhui, and Wang Qun.

  Secretary Du, on behalf of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the Hunan Provincial People’s Government, welcomed the delegation, and expressed congratulations on the 750th founding anniversary of the Mogilev City. He hoped that Hunan and Mogilev would further strengthen bilateral cooperation in such areas as economy and trade, education, culture, tourism, advanced manufacturing, food processing, and theatrical performances, and promote friendly relations to benefit the people. Hunan will encourage more Hunan enterprises to invest and start up business in Mogilev Region, to contribute to local economic progress.

  Governor Xu said, “In recent years, Hunan Province has seized the opportunity of the national “Belt and Road” Initiative and earnestly collaborated with Mogilev Region.” “Taking the Belarus-China (Hunan) Economic and Trade Promotion Conference as a new start, we expected the two sides to continuously coordinate macroeconomic policy and development strategy matchmaking, as well as enhance communication and cooperation in the areas of science and education, humanity, and tourism, to achieve win-win results.” He added.

  Mr. Domanevskiy remarked that both Belarus and the Mogilev Region were willing to communicate and cooperate with Hunan. The region would offer favorable policies for Hunan enterprises to make investment and further expand business in Belarus and European market.

  Hunan Province and the Mogilev Region also signed a tourism cooperation memorandum at the conference.