Booming Hunan Tourism Market without any Security Accident during the Big Holiday

Updated:2017-10-10 10:05:30

橘子洲(Juzizhou/Orange Isle)

岳麓山爱晚亭(资料图)(Love Dusk Pavilion in Yuelu Mountain/file photo)

崀山(Lang Mountain)


  During October 1-8 for Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day Holiday, Hunan province received tourists of 61,473,200 persons/time and tourist income of 34,864 million Yuan, according to the statistical data officially released by Hunan Tourism Development Commission, October 8.


  Top 4 cities receiving tourists of more than 5 million persons/time: Changsha City, Xiangtan City, Yueyang City and Chenzhou City. Top 5 scenic areas for tourist reception: Yuelu Mountain, Mount Heng, Junshan Isle, Shaoshan and Lang Mountains.


  Hunan tourism market kept smoothly booming and operating despite the rain during the holiday. No tour security accident occurred.