TV series highlights Xi's key role

Source:China Daily
Updated:2017-10-16 09:16:12

  Discovery Channel documentary eyes China's progress in past 5 years

  With the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China just days away, a documentary produced by the Discovery Channel about President Xi Jinping and his governance of China started airing on Saturday in more than 37 countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific region.

  The three-episode documentary, China: Time of Xi, focuses on what drives Xi, who must maintain the growth of the world's second-largest economy, and what China can offer the world.

  "This is obviously a moment when Discovery's audiences will be wanting to know more about President Xi and about Chinese policy, and so it was a very good opportunity to make this series now," said Liz McLeod, one of the show's executive producers and founder of the UK-based independent production company Meridian Line Films.

  The documentary features three hosts - TV producer and designer Danny Forster, biomedical engineer Dr. Jordan Nguyen and anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota. Each taps into their respective area of expertise to deliver an all-round outlook on China.

  A panel of leading international experts also provides commentaries and insights on how Xi is leading China.

  "I find President Xi's commitment to and leadership on climate change internationally and his support for green energy and green development in China to be of great importance to the world," McLeod said.

  One episode introduces how Xi's experiences in Fujian province as a young government official shaped his attitudes on China's economy and corruption.

  Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd commented in the documentary that the anti-corruption campaign is "the mother of all campaigns".

  McLeod said she has seen in the past five years increasing prosperity and also a greater confidence among Chinese people, both in the value of their unique culture through a growing willingness to draw on China's past to inform the present and also a confidence in their abilities, skills and potential.

  Produced by the Discovery Channel and Meridian Line Films, the documentary is broadcast in Discovery Network's Asia-Pacific region.