Integrated Service Platform Launched to Facilitate Hunan Enterprises ‘Going Global’

Updated:2017-10-18 15:30:49

  On 17 October, a launch ceremony for the integrated service platform “Hunan Enterprises Going Global +” was held in Changsha. Hunan Vice Governor He Baoxiang announced the beginning of the online platform’s operation. The Hunan Commerce Department signed a “Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement” with China Construction Bank-Hunan Branch and an “Agreement on Co-building ‘Hunan Enterprises Going Global +’ Integrated Service Platform” with Changsha municipal government.

  The newly-established platform will provide professional services involved in foreign economic cooperation.

  It aims to offer “one-stop” customized political and financial services to Hunan enterprises which are expanding business into foreign countries. Information exchange and resource sharing will be supported by advanced technologies and an information pool. Efforts will be to assure the platform assists in management, project cooperation, and enterprise investment for Hunan’s foreign economic activities.

  Hunan Commerce Department Director Xu Xiangping noted that the platform focuses on solving three challenges faced by Hunan enterprises: promoting information sharing as a response to asymmetric information; facilitating project matchmaking; and, funding overseas projects.