Hunan Foreign Trade Rises in First Three Quarters

Updated:2017-10-19 14:25:34

  During the first three quarters this year, 3,751 Hunan enterprises have import and export performance, 543 more than last year. The total import and export value increased by 56.5% year on year. The mechanical and electrical, and high-tech product exports were in full swing.

  Hunan has maintained rapid growth in foreign trade this year. According to the Customs, the province made a total import and export value of 165.6 billion yuan during the first three quarters, increasing by 56.5% over the same period last year. The exports were 105.69 billion yuan, up 52.7%; and, the imports 59.91 billion yuan, up 63.7%.

  It was said Hong Kong remained Hunan’s largest trade partner. The trade with U.S., Japan, the ASEAN countries, and the EU also grew.

  In 2017, Hunan’s main international partners have better economic conditions. The bilateral trade with the EU, U.S., and Japan has grown by more than 50%. As for those emerging markets, Hunan expanded trade with South Africa and Russia, which increased by more than 100%.

  Hunan has advanced investment and trade cooperation with the “Belt and Road” countries. During the first three quarters, the imports and exports with those countries reached 37.09 billion yuan, increasing by 45.8%. The exports to Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, and other six “Belt and Road” countries grew by more than 100% over last year.

  The cargoes imported and exported through the Hunan-Europe Express Line doubled to 107,000 tons, with the import and export value of 3.58 billion yuan, increasing by 130%.

  Hunan’s import and export growth target this year is 30%. The Customs said, under such stable development circumstances, Hunan is anticipated to fulfill the target as planned.