Dubai CATV report on Hunan delegation to 19th CPC National Congress

Updated:2017-10-22 16:05:54


  On the afternoon of October 21, the journalist and hostess Xin Yue (Chinese name) of Dubai CATV was interviewed.


  On October 19, Hunan delegation to the 19thCPC National Congress held the media open day.


  On October 19, Xin Yue (R 3nd front)interviewed Hunan delegation to the 19thCPC National Congress on the media open day.


  On the afternoon of October 19, 2017 in Beijing, Dubai CATV reported the open discussion of Hunan delegation to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on the report delivered by President Xi Jinping at the opening session of the congress in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People. The report entitled with“Hunan Delegation: Good Time for Inland Hunan”as below:


  “Hunan Delegation: Good Time for Inland Hunan”


  “In Hunan Pavilion of Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, all of Hunan delegates were high in spirits. Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial Congress Du Jiahao states that, although Hunan province is situated in the inland of China, Hunan has its own distinctive regional advantages. Hunan delegates have analyzed the economic development of Hunan province in recent years and have clarified the following strategic development plan of Hunan province. They point out that, in the next few years, Hunan province will continually advance the development of red tourism programs and all-for-one tourism, and keep the sustainable development of integrated environment, economy and ecology.”(Source: Dubai CATV)

视频采访内容摘要:Abstract of Xin Yue’s interview


  Xin Yue has worked and lived in China for 7 years, while developed a liking for Hunan province. She attended the Chinese Bridge Competition in 2011, Changsha, and visited Hunan province for several times. Before long, she had interviewed Liling cermic and fireworks for in-depth understanding of Huxiang culture. “Very spicy Hunan cuisine and very passionate Hunan people”, she claimed herself to be a spicy girl, and couldn’t help loving Hunan province and Hunan people.


  At the 19th CPC National Congress, Xin Yue is concerned about culture and economic trade. She would strive to be the bridge between Hunan, even China and Arab countries, delivering the change and development of Hunan, even China to Arab people.


  In the end, Xin Yue sent her best wishes to Hunan and China. She hopes to visit Hunan Rednet New Media Group in the future, which was visited by media professionals from 10 African countries this September.

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