Lost in translation: policemen help foreigner to proper destination

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Updated:2017-10-24 11:22:08

“老外”坐错了车,把湖南的靖州当成了湖北荆州。A foreign tourist buys a train ticket and mistakenly arrives at Jingzhou (湖南靖州,pinyin: jìng zhōu) of Hunan Province, instead of his proper destination Jingzhou (湖北荆州,pinyin: jīng zhōu) of Hubei Province. The two characters have the same sound but with different pitch.

  红网时刻10月21日讯(通讯员 刘亚平 陈亚星)10月20日,一名“老外”坐错了车,竟然把湖南的靖州当成了湖北荆州。怀化铁路公安处靖州火车站派出所民警热情相助,立即开汽车将外籍旅客送到怀化高铁站,使其乘上了前往目的地的列车。

  Rednet (Jingzhou): A foreign tourist unexpectedly arrived at in Jingzhou by train in Hunan Province, by mistakenly taking Jingzhou of Hunan Province(湖南靖州,pinyin: jìng zhōu) as Jingzhou of Hubei Province (湖北荆州,pinyin: jīng zhōu). Jingzhou railway station police of Huaihua Railway Public Security Department helped him by taking him to Huaihua station of High Speed Rail for the right destination,October 20.


  Around 11 o'clock in the morning of October 20, a blond foreign tourist seemed confused after getting off from the train of Chongqing-Shenzhen K835 at Jingzhou station. Ding Yong, a policeman on duty, asked him about where he was heading for. Philip, a 39-year-old German, bought a train ticket from Chongqing City of Sichuan province to Jingzhou of Hunan Province due to his wrong pronunciation. With Ding and other policemen's help, he was taken to the nearby High Speed Rail station for his proper destination to Hubei Province, and he said that Chinese policemen are nice and great.

Link: “老外”坐错车误把靖州当荆州 怀化铁警及时相助


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