[City of Hunan] Yueyang City: Water Transport Hub of Hunan Province

Updated:2017-10-24 16:36:25


  Panoramic aerial view of Chenglingji New Port Zone.

醉美洞庭湖。A glimpse of beautiful Dongting Lake.

醉美岳阳楼。Beautiful Yueyang Tower.

岳阳楼君山岛旅游区。Yueyang Junshan Isle Tourism Area.


  Yueyang city, the north gate of Hunan province, covers an area of 15,000 square kilometers, the total population of 5.6 million, two county-level cities, four counties, three districts and four non-administrative divisions.


  Yueyang city enjoys the advantage of modern port logistics and waterfront resources of the Yangtze River in 163 kilometers. Yueyang has become the only Chinese prefecture-level city that owns six national-level opening platforms of Chenglingji Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Qiyun Tax Rebate Port, imported ports of meat, automobiles, grains and solid wastes since 2016.


  As a modern new industrial city, Yueyang city has developed 100 billion-yuan industrial clusters in petrochemicals and food, and has established major industrial bases of Central South China in petrochemicals, papermaking, electrical energy and renewable resources, as well as compass satellite navigation application and bio-pharmaceuticals.


  Yueyang surely is a livable modern city enriched with cultural and tourism resources, more than 2,500 years of history, over 60% water area of Dongting Lake, well-known scenic areas like Yueyang Tower-Junshan Isle, Shiniu Stockadein Pingjing county, Zhang Guying Village, etc.

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