[Open Rising Hunan] Hunan Water Transport: Yueyang Chenglingji Port

Updated:2017-10-25 17:18:35

湖南城陵矶新港区新港码头。Newport Pier of Hunan Chenglingji New Port Zone


  Yueyang Chenglingji Port Zone phase II project is under construction, expected to be completed in the late 2018. At that time, the total throughput capacity will achieve 800,000 standard containers.


  Yueyang Chenglingji New Port Zone has established Chenglingji Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and approved to be Tax Rebate Port of Departure, designated port for imported meat, automobile, grains and solid waste. The Phase II whole automobile import port is under construction at Yueyang Chenglingji Port Zone. The whole automobile import port is expected to annually detect 30,000 automobiles upon its completion in the late September 2017.


  The only optical container detecting device for the Customs in Hunan province, can detect a container in 2 minutes, while in the past, the manual check needs 3-5 hours.


  During 2016-2020, Hunan province will invest 23 billion yuan in water transport system to build a modern inland water transport system, focusing onconstruction of advanced navigation waterways and port zones.


  Hunan province will accelerate the construction of Yueyang Port to be the hub port along the Yangtze River, the major feeder port of Shanghai Port, and the hub port of Hunan inland water transport transfer. Hunan province will also advance integrated construction of Changsha Port, Zhuzhou Port and Xiangtan Port, as well as major regional ports of Changde Port, Yiyang Port, Yongzhou Port, Hengyang Port, etc.


  Yueyang Chenglingji New Port Zone was established in December 2009. Yueyang Chenglingji Port (Yueyang Port) with supplies distribution coverage of over 200,000 square kilometers, can cover 74 counties and cities of Hunan province, and 170 cities above the county-level of other 10 provinces such as Sichuan province, Hubei province, Jiangxi province, etc.


  Chenglingji Port has realized normal direct navigation among Hunan, Hong Kong and Macao, Yueyang-East Asia, Yueyang-Australia, and Shanghai Yangshan Port, etc. Now Chenglingji Port plans to open navigation through South Korean, Japan, Taiwan, etc.