[Hunan Transport] 3.5 hours’ drive through expressway from Huaihua to Guilin

Updated:2017-10-30 15:44:30

怀化至通道高速公路陇城收费站。Longcheng Toll Station of Huaihua-Tongdao Expressway.

通道省际收费站。The provincial toll station of Tongdao county.

新路段穿山越岭。New section of Huaihua-Tongdao Expressway.


  According to Rednet News report, since Huaihua-Tongdao expressway opens to the public traffic from October 30, 2017, G65 Baotou-Maoming expressway is also formally completed and put into operation. That means, it takes only 3.5 hours’ drive through expressway from Huaihua city, Hunan province to Guilin city, Guangxi province.