Hunan Issues ‘Decree No. 1 on River Chief’ to Protect Water Resources

Updated:2017-11-01 11:23:07

  On October 30, the Hunan River Chief Office issued the “General Decree No. 1 on River Chief” which was signed by Hunan Provincial River Chief and Governor Xu Dazhe. The decree calls for river chiefs at provincial, municipal, county, and township levels across to patrol and protect corresponding rivers and lakes.

  Under the decree, the success of river chief system lies in the duty performances of river chiefs at all levels.

  River chiefs at provincial, municipal, and county levels are responsible for different aspects of the water bodies, coordinate supervision and management, and strengthen joint prevention and control both in waters and on the adjacent littorals. Related departments are to play a proactive role in river patrolling and perform their corresponding responsibilities to clean up and protect rivers and lakes. When patrolling rivers, river chiefs at the county and township levels will promptly address problems arising from the management and protection of rivers and lakes. Related illegal activities shall be stopped or reported.