HPV cervical cancer vaccine available in Hunan from November 2017

Updated:2017-11-01 16:08:30


  The first female receivescervical cancer vaccine inoculation.


  According to Rednet news report, the bivalent HPV cervical cancer vaccine is available in Hunan from November 1, 2017, released on the press conference of cervical cancer vaccine available on Hunan market in Changsha October 31. The female aged 9-25 can voluntarily take the vaccination against cervical cancer at the disease prevention and control center at the provincial, municipal and district (county) level or vaccination sites with inoculation qualification of Category II vaccines.


  Experts state that, the approved bivalent HPV cervical cancer vaccine is primarily targeted for the female aged 9-13 before sexual behavior, but applicable to the female aged 9-25. The suitable female can take the vaccination for three times at 0/1/6 months. It is said that, the tetravalent HPV cervical cancer vaccine targeted for the female of higher age is expected to be marketed in the early 2018.

  Chinese source: 宫颈癌疫苗湖南上市 全省疾控中心均可接种