International Fireworks Standards Issued in Liuyang

Updated:2017-11-09 11:44:24

  On 5 November, nine international standards for fireworks and firecrackers were issued in Liuyang, Hunan. These are the first international standards for the fireworks and will regulate firework product quality and global market order.

  On November 5 and 6, the China Fireworks and Firecrackers Association (CFFA) held its first member committee congress and council meeting in Liuyang.

  This year’s World Standards Day theme is “standardization promotes quality improvement”. The meeting reviewed international standardization achievements since ISO/TC264 concerned with fireworks was published. It provided updates, technological details and the requirements of international standards, and accelerated international connectivity in the fireworks trade.

  ISO/TC 264 Secretariat Secretary General Ms. Huang Chaxiang, introduced the standards formulation process at the meeting.

  There are two series – ISO 25947 and ISO 26261, which include quality control, definitions, terminology, classifications, categorizations, labelling, test methods, and basic safety requirements. These items interconnect to form a complete system. Practical and feasible criteria are added to meet the different circumstances of each country.

  The Chinese government has recommended these nine standards to domestic fireworks business, and customized national standards. As the ISO/TC 264 chairman and secretariat country, China takes the lead in localizing international standards, and revising its GB 10631 Fireworks Safety and Quality to meet international standards. Relevant training and promotional activities will be held around China.