Hunan consumers contribute much to Double 11 Shopping Festival

Updated:2017-11-13 14:50:35


  An employee works at a distribution center of Express Mail Service in Hengyang city, Central China's Hunan province, Nov 12, 2017. Courier companies were running at full speed to deliver massive number of parcels after Alibaba Group's 11.11 Singles Day global online shopping spree on Nov 11. [Photo/Xinhua]


  Workers are busy packaging in the warehouse of Hunan online agricultural product platform Sounongfang to ensure goods delivered within 48 hours.


  According to Alibaba’s big data report on double 11 online shopping day, as of 00:00 on November 12, Hunan consumers attributed 5996 million yuan to its total trading volume of 168.2 billion yuan, ranking No. 11 of China. Mobile phones, woolen coats and down garment rank top 3 on the list of Hunan consumption on Double 11 online shopping festival. Meanwhile, Hunan consumers ranked No. 13 among consumption volume on’s total 127.1 billion yuan.


  Besides, Hunan sales received a big hit on that day. It was reported that, consumers of outside Hunan province consumed 1581 billion yuan on Hunan e-commerce enterprises, and their top 5 favorite products include paper diaper, facial mask, medical devices, health food and bedding suites.