Authority in Central China's Hunan province investigates TB outbreak

Updated:2017-11-20 11:17:34

  CHANGSHA - Authorities for discipline inspection in Central China's Hunan province are investigating whether there is a dereliction of duty or misconduct of civil servants following an outbreak of tuberculosis there.

  The TB outbreak was reported at the Fourth Middle School of Taojiang county in August, the provincial health and family planning commission said.

  As of Thursday, 29 students were confirmed to have been infected by tuberculosis, and there were five more suspected cases.

  Altogether 72 students had received treatment or put under observation, including 38 students who had been given medication for prevention.

  So far, 50 students have recovered and are healthy to return to school, while the rest 22 students still have to go through required regular checkups before they are fit for school, the commission said.

  The Fourth Middle School of Taojiang county has 3,000 students.