A Glimpse of Hunan “Toilet Revolution” Campaign during 2015-2017

Updated:2017-11-29 14:19:50

岳阳自在平江野奢度假酒店户外露营厕所。汤志坚 摄

  Outdoor camping toilets of Pingjiang Rustic Luxury Resort Hotel, Yueyang. (All photos here by Tang Zhijian)


  Toilets on the cliff in Langshan Scenic Area, Shaoyang.


  Toilets in Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Zhangjiajie.


  The Third Public Toilet inOrange Isle (Juzizhou) Scenic Area, Changsha.


  On World Toilet Day of November 19, Hunan was awarded Prominent Achievement in Toilet Revolution by China National Tourism Administration. Hunan tourism toilet building and management has led the development of “Toilet Revolution” campaign across China.


  As of late October 2017, Hunan has already constructed 3,169 toilets for recent three years, building 144 more toilets than the plan. At the end of 2017, it is estimated to complete 200 more toilets.


  Hunan has advanced the construction of the third public toilets (humanized toilets) in 2017. As of the late October 2017, Hunan has completed 104 humanized toilets, and has been building 52 toilets. Tourists can use these humanized toilets in Orange Isle (Juzizhou), Huaminglou, Yuelu Moutain, Wulingyuan, Tianmen Mountain, Dongjiang Lake scenic areas, etc.


  Apart from scenic areas, “toilet revolution” campaign has continuously extended to the countryside. So far, there have been about 1,200 rural tourism toilets constructed and renovated in Hunan province. This also specifically practices the rural revitalization strategy mentioned in the report of the 19thCPC National Congress.


  It is reported by Rednet news journalist that, Hunan has drafted the new three-year (2018-2020) plan for “toilet revolution”, which is under amendment now.

  Chinese Source:湖南“厕所革命”走在全国前列 新三年计划起草完毕