Hunan Starts Incoming Cargo Charter Flight Service

Updated:2017-12-05 16:12:36

  A chartered airplane full of cargos arrived in Changsha Huanghua International Airport on December 2, 2017, after a three-hour journey departing from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The aircraft carried 2,606 kilos of seafood including white shrimp, Asian tiger shrimp, blue crab, and marble goby. It is the first time in Hunan to have such incoming cargo charter flight.

  From January to November, there have been 19.8 tons of aquatic products imported to Hunan through the Changsha airport. It is unable to meet the growing demand of Hunan market. The direct charter flight e service facilitates the imports of aquatic products. And it marks Hunan has stepped into a new stage in the way of international air freight service and airport economic progress.

  Now there are two incoming charter flights coming to the airport every week. It is planned that four to six such flights will provide service every week before the Spring Festival holiday in response to surging demand.