Hunan designs shown in China Industrial Design Exhibition

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2017-12-12 16:49:10


  An ordinary computer bag turned into a body armor within a few seconds when people pulled it open, it was like one of the magical gadgets in spy movies; a future concept pickup with all-weather and non inflatable tires, super spotlights and kinds of outdoor equipment had drawn the attention from the public. These cool products are made by Hunan designers who debuted in the National Industrial Design Exhibition held in Wuhan International Expo Center, Hubei Province ,December 1. It is the first exhibition for national industrial designs. China (Changsha) Innovative Design Industrial Park, Hunan's first industrial design park, took more than 30 pieces of designs to the exhibition.


  As the only professional design park exhibiting in Hunan, China's (Changsha) Innovative Design Industrial Park had their special equipment booth of 72 square meters of for 32 designed products covering mechanical equipment design, protective equipment design for military and police, agricultural packaging design, cultural product design, etc. The bulletproof body armor won the national utility model patent. When it folds up, it is an ordinary computer bag or a package; when one opens it, it is a tough bullet-proof vest weighing only 3 kg, but it can withstand the 7.62-mm lead-bullet shooting by a machine gun. Many curious visitors tried it on in the exhibition.

  Link: 首届中国工业设计展览会开幕 设计湘军惊艳首秀