Hunan NPC deputy's carry-on treasure series II: water sample of Dongting Lake

Updated:2018-03-05 10:34:09


  [Editor’s Notes] Rednet journalists reports carry-on treasures of the 13th Hunan NPC deputies on their way to Beijing for duty performance. From their cordial telling about carry-on treasures, they speaks for the people with all their heart.


  A village director named Yangli from Yueyang city, Hunan carries water sample of Dongting Lake. She hopes better eco-environmental protection of Dongling Lake.


  For the purpose of better protection of Dongting Lake, Yang Li proposes to implement "ecology first" system that if upstream water exceeds standard, downstream circle can request upstream circle's accountability and compensation. This can prevent and curb Dongting lake pollution for a long term.


  Hunan province has been implementing Three-year Action Plan for Dongting Lake’s eco-environmental governance and advancing overall implementation of River Chief system at the provincial, municipal, county, town and village level.

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