Hunan NPC deputy's carry-on treasure series V: record book for scientific research

Updated:2018-03-05 11:09:53


  [Editor’s Notes] Rednet journalists reports carry-on treasures of the 13th Hunan NPC deputies on their way to Beijing for duty performance. From their cordial telling about carry-on treasures, they speaks for the people with all their heart.


  A farmer scientist named Shen Changjian from Liling county, Hunan carries a record book to guide oilseed rape crossing test at home. He hopes to substantially improve oilseed rape’s yield and quality so that wide oilseed rape planters can be benefited directly.


  Record book for scientific research: Since oilseed rape flowering is the critical period for oilseed rape crossing test that coincides with his duty performance as Hunan NPC deputy in Beijing, Shen Changjian carries a record book to guide his family members to do oilseed rape crossing test at home. The book records lots of scientific and research information about oilseed rape’s category source, name, oil content rate, etc. He can know about real-time oilseed rape crossing test at home by means of communication such as Wechat, phone call, etc.

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