Two sessions: Hunan¨s Achievements in the Past Five Years

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2018-03-06 10:51:45

   Hunan¨s Economy Realized a Leap-forward Development

  Hunan has ascended to ^ 3 Trillion CNY Club ̄.

  Hunan¨s GDP reached 3.36 trillion CNY.

  Non-public economy value added reached 2.08 trillion CNY.

  Mobile internet enterprises totaled 32,000 .

  Tourism revenue achieved 717.26 billion CNY.

  Changsha¨s economic aggregate surpassed one trillion CNY for the first time.  

   New Steps Taken in Innovation and Opening up

  Super hybrid rice and low-speed maglev line lead the world.

  The Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone is well-known in China.

  Hunan won 94 National Science and Technology Awards.

  First foreign consulate-general!the Consulate-general of Laos in Changsha was set up, and the first overseas memorial hall!the Sino-French Amity Museum at Montargis opened to the public.

  Hunan Style went global.

  Hunan-Europe Express Line ranked in the top 5 nationwide.

  Hunan provincial import and export volume increased by 10% on average.

   Hunan Makes New Progress in Deepening Reform

  307 provincial level administrative licensing items have been cancelled.

  1,476 provincial level administrative powers have been reduced.

  All the non-administrative license examinations and approvals have been cancelled.

  ^All-in-one Certificate & One License with One Code ̄ is in full operation.

  All of the public hospitals have conducted a comprehensive reform.

  Demonstration on replacing business tax with value-added tax has been accomplished.

   Hunan Seeks New Ways Towards Poverty Alleviation

  Poor rural population has been reduced by 5.51 million in the past five years.

  Poverty headcount ratio has decreased from 13.43% to 3.86% .

  Two impoverished counties have ridded themselves of the label of being impoverished as planned.

  Twelve poor counties are being tested to get rid of the poverty label.

  Shibadong Village, where President Xi Jinping initiated the ^Targeted Poverty Alleviation ̄ idea, has completely lifted itself out of poverty.

  Hunan¨s targeted poverty alleviation mode has been promoted all over the country.

^Green Hunan ̄ Is Deeply Rooted in People's Mind

  Hunan¨s green development index ranked 8th nationwide.

  The surface water quality in 419 provincial monitoring sections is superior on the whole.

  Average 81.5% of days reached good air quality standard.

  Wetland protection rate reached 75.44% .

  Forest coverage rate came up to 59.68% .

The Past Five Years' Work Made Hunan People Have a Great Sense of Gain

  The incomes of urban and rural residents have grown by 8.7% and 9.4%respectively annually.

  High-speed railways and expressways mileages have reached 1,397 km and6,419 km respectively.

  Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan intercity railways have been put into full operation.

  34,000 kilometers of rural roads have been newly built.

  New Hunan Museum finished construction and were put into use.

  Laosicheng Site in Yongshun County has been listed as the world cultural heritage.