289 Hunan Hospitals Included in Nationwide Site-off Medical Treatment and Settlement Network

Updated:2018-03-12 11:02:02

  Starting from March 6, a publicity activity has been holding to make the public known that trans-provincial healthcare costs can be settled directly in the hospital where fees were incurred.

  In Hunan, the urban working group and rural and non-working urban residents insured by the basic health insurance since May, 2017 are eligible for the trans-provincial medical treatment and insurance reimbursement.

  So far, there are 8,763 hospitals registered in the nationwide information network for trans-provincial medical treatment and insurance reimbursement in China, including 289 Hunan hospitals. It indicates that there is 1-2 hospitals in every district or country of Hunan registered in the network.

  By the end of 2018, 71,910 Hunan people recorded in trans-provincial medical treatment and insurance reimbursement system, with 8,016 people realizing off-site settlement. A total of 5,604 patients are transferred from Hunan hospitals to hospitals of other provinces; in turn, there are 2,412 patients transferred to Hunan hospitals.

  The Xiangya Hospital of Central South University has set up a special window for trans-provincial medical insurance reimbursement, benefiting patients from 32 provinces.