Suggestions Made by Hunan NPC Deputies

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2018-03-22 11:21:46

  NPC deputy Liu Dehui proposes taking targeted-poverty relief measures for the poor living in communities of old state-owned enterprises. (Photo/Zhao Chi)

  NPC deputy Ding Xiaobing (2nd L) suggests motivating poor population¨s internal impetus to lift out of poverty. (Photo/Zhao Chi)

  NPC deputy Jin Jinrao (1st R) proposes that the national legislature should ban production of disposable plastic and foam products. (Photo/Zhao Chi)

On March 16 afternoon, Hunan NPC deputies deliberate reports. (Photo/Zhao Chi)

  On March 18 afternoon, NPC deputies of enterprises including Zhang Xuewu, Cao Zhiqiang, Zhou Wendui, and Xu Zhongqiu discuss about real economy development. (Photo/Luo Xinguo)