Hunan doctor to Sierra Leone honored as “Lei Feng”

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2018-03-26 15:58:57



  On March 18, the list of “Changsha Haoren·Lei Feng”Prize winners was released for the first season of 2018. Liu Yurong, a physician and team member of the 19th batch of Chinese aid medical team in Sierra Leone and the deputy chief physician of Liuyang People’s Hospital won the dedication award.


  "Not everyone in West Africa knows Lei Feng (who is a figure of selfless and moest person devoted to help people), but we must promote Lei Feng spirit to the world." Liu Yushi said to the reporter through online interview at 3 am local time in Sierra Leone, March 16th. He was honored as "Honorable Model of Changsha alike Lei Feng”. "This precious honor belongs to all our medical workers in Hunan. All of them are Lei Feng!" he said.


  “Sierra Leone is one of the poorest and most backward places in the world. Under difficult conditions,Chinese aid medical team members have to overcome many difficulties and create many miracles in the hospital with few medicine and medicine, electricity, water, life-saving oxygen, and the most common amino acids, vitamins, etc.” Liu Yu said.