Ziquejie Terrace awarded as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage

Updated:2018-04-22 16:09:35


  Ziquejie Terrace was awarded as "globally important agricultural heritage" in Rome, Italy on April 20.

Ziquejie Terrace Scenic Area is awarded as Globally important agricultural heritage, The world heritage irrigation project , The national natural and cultural heritage , National Scenic Area , The National Water Conservancy Scenic Area , The national AAAA level scenic spots . It is located in the water town of Xinhua County of Hunan Province, belongs to the Xuefeng mountain Feng Jia mountain system, the highest elevation of 1585 meters, a total area of 120 square kilometers. Layers of terraced fields to Ziquejie as the center to the surrounding stretch, at an altitude of 500 meters to 1200 meters, the slope of 30 to 50 degrees, a total of more than 500, an area of 10 acres.