African friends visit Yuhua intangible cultural heritage museum

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2018-05-03 10:25:49


African friends learn about hand-made carpets in Yuhua intangible cultural heritage museum.



  The trainees learn about the process of making porcelain.


  Liu Shangsi, the inheritor mud calligraphy, wrote a character 佛(Buddha) for visitors.

  红网时刻长沙5月2日讯(通讯员 肖巧丽 记者 胡芳)5月1日,2018冈比亚信息部官员及主流媒体研修班的学员们来到湖南雨花非遗馆参观交流。精美多样的竹编制品,栩栩如生的根雕,典雅莹润的醴陵瓷器……各类传统手工艺品琳琅满目,众多传统手艺人献技传艺,非洲友人叹为观止,连连点赞。

  On May 1, the participants of 2018 mainstream media seminar and officials of the Ministry of Information from the Gambia visited Yuhua intangible cultural heritage museum in Changsha city, capital city of Hunan Province.


  They visited Jiangnan Mill, Jinhuang Porcelain Art, Women's Needle craft Association, Mango Art Workshop, Baoqing Porcelain Engraving Studio, etc. They conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges. They said that the Museum showed the charm of Hunan culture, and it greatly enriched the content of China-Africa cultural exchanges.